In May, Re-Source and Fortnox AB launched a talent management program to identify and develop talents and future leaders at Fortnox. The investment is long-term and aims to contribute to the Strategic competence management and succession over time.

This is an annual recurring program and the first program will last for 12 months. Participants will be trained and challenged both as individuals and on a group level in areas such as leadership, business understanding, communication, business leadership and management by objectives.

“In addition to finding new leaders, the program is also about personal development of our internal talents. We see that stars are constantly being born in our organization and we want to accelerate the prerequisites for their success in reaching their full potentials. Participants in the talent management program consist of equal numbers of men and women,” says Nils Carlsson, CEO of Fortnox.

We are proud to work with Fortnox, a company that take pride in developing their employees equally. This program is uniquely designed for Fortnox and developed in close collaboration with the entire management team.

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